M. Track & Field: Falcons place second at SCC Championships

The 4x400-meter relay team came in third place at the SCC Championships
The 4x400-meter relay team came in third place at the SCC Championships

Complete Results

For the fourth year in a row, the Cerritos College men's track and field team finished in second place at the South Coast Conference Championships. The Falcons finished with 209 team points, which was well behind conference champion Mt. San Antonio College, who compiled 431 team points. Those that qualified to the next level will compete in the Southern California Prelims, which will be hosted by Cerritos on May 6.

Below is a list of Cerritos athletes that competed in the conference championships. The Falcons earned all four of their first place finishes in field events.

Saadiq Jennings 100 Meters 10.92 7th Place
Saadiq Jennings 200 Meters 22.61 7th Place
Jahmal King 400 Meters 49.74 2nd Place
Jhamani Long 400 Meters 50.99 5th Place
Ezra Bray 400 Meters 51.72 9th Place
Aleksie Dominguez 800 Meters 1:58.38 2nd Place
James Penn 800 Meters 2:01.13 3rd Place
Abraxaz Sanchez 800 Meters 2:09.97 8th Place
Abraxaz Sanchez 1500 Meters 4:11.08 5th Place
Cristhian Macias 1500 Meters 4:15.10 8th Place
Erick Ayala 5000 Meters 17:12.60 13th Place
Christian Lopez 5000 Meters 17:19.02 15th Place
Steven Anker 5000 Meters 18:06.72 19th Place
Moises Rodriguez 5000 Meters 18:49.86 23rd Place
Erick Ayala 10,000 Meters 35:19.38 9th Place
Leonel Ponton 10,000 Meters 38:38.00 17th Place
Steven Anker 10,000 Meters 40:16.55 19th Place
Jaydon Logan 110-Meter HH 15.40 3rd Place
Zach Munoz 110-Meter HH 15.82 5th Place
Victor Williams 110-Meter HH 16.38 8th Place
Jaydon Logan 400-Meter IH 53.99 2nd Place
Ryan Lopez 3000-Meter SC 11:25.95 12th Place
  400-Meter Relay 42.84 2nd Place
  1600-Meter Relay 3:20.54 3rd Place
Stacy Chukwumezie High Jump 1.90 Meters 2nd Place
Ike Agubata High Jump 1.70 Meters Tied 4th Place
Zach Munoz High Jump 1.70 Meters Tied 4th Place
David Williams High Jump 1.60 Meters Tied 6th Place
Blair Robinson High Jump 1.60 Meters Tied 6th Place
Nicholas Mendoza Pole Vault 4.35 Meters Tied 6th Place
Michael Rappa Pole Vault 3.60 Meters 12th Place
Michael Gonzalez Pole Vault 3.45 Meters 13th Place
Stacy Chukwumezie Long Jump 7.26 Meters 1st Place
Blair Robinson Long Jump 7.01 Meters 2nd Place
David Williams Long Jump 6.76 Meters 6th Place
Tyler Coffman Long Jump 6.51 Meters Tied 7th Place
Zach Munoz Long Lump 6.49 Meters 9th Place
Ike Agubata Long Jump 6.35 Meters Tied 11th Place
Micqwaun Wright Long Jump 6.00 Meters 14th Place
Blair Robinson Triple Jump 14.94 Meters 2nd Place
Stacy Chukwumezie Triple Jump 13.99 Meters 5th Place
Micqwaun Wright Triple Jump 13.92 Meters 6th Place
David Williams Triple Jump 13.45 Meters 7th Place
Jorge Gonzalez Shot Put 14.60 Meters 1st Place
Isaiah Chavez Shot Put 12.95 Meters 4th Place
Jorge Bergara Shot Put 12.38 Meters 6th Place
Giovanni Rubio Shot Put 11.77 Meters 9th Place
Aladdin Abuhadba Shot Put 11.72 Meters 10th Place
Bryan Kennedy Shot Put 9.34 Meters 16th Place
Endrix Arias Shot Put 9.03 Meters 17th Place
Jorge Gonzalez Discus 44.23 Meters 2nd Place
Jorge Bergara Discus
40.84 Meters 5th Place
Isaiah Chavez Discus
39.56 Meters 7th Place
Erik Rodarte Discus
39.13 Meters 8th Place
Giovanni Rubio Discus
38.70 Meters 9th Place
Endrix Arias Discus
37.89 Meters 10th Place
Aladdin Abuhadba Discus
37.19 Meters 11th Place
Aladdin Abuhadba Hammer 41.49 Meters 2nd Place
Isaiah Chavez Hammer 41.54 Meters 3rd Place
Erik Rodarte Hammer 39.27 Meters 5th Place
William Troung Hammer 37.93 Meters 7th Place
Giovanni Rubio Hammer 37.44 Meters 8th Place
Bryan Kennedy Hammer 36.82 Meters 9th Place
Kevin Puertas Hammer 36.00 Meters 11th Place
Zach Munoz Javelin 51.60 Meters 1st Place
Jorge Gonzalez Javelin 45.72 Meters 7th Place
Dustin Mohrdieck Javelin 41.05 Meters 10th Place
Zach Munoz Decathlon 5998 Points 1st Place