M. Track & Field: Falcons win South Coast Conference championship

Jorge Gonzalez won the shot put and discus title at the conference championships
Jorge Gonzalez won the shot put and discus title at the conference championships

On Saturday at the South Coast Conference Track & Field Championships, Cerritos College won seven events on their way to their first championship since 2013. The Falcons finished with 250.333 team points to finish 27 points ahead of second place El Camino College. Next week, Cerritos will have a large group of entries at the Southern California Prelims, which will take place at Riverside City College.

Below is a list of Falcons who competed at the conference championships:

Trevor Reid 100 Meters 10.77 1st Place
Kawika Jones 100 Meters 11.00 Tied 3rd Place
Jacobi Hardy 100 Meters 11.00 Tied 3rd Place
Taj Wilson 100 Meters 11.11 6th Place
Kendall Turner 100 Meters   False Start
Kelly Brown 100 Meters   False Start
Kendall Turner 200 Meters 21.64 1st Place
Trevor Reid 200 Meters 21.77 2nd Place
Kawika Jones 200 Meters 21.82 3rd Place
Jacobi Hardy 200 Meters 21.92 4th Place
Taj Wilson 200 Meters 22.21 6th Place
Kelly Brown 200 Meters 22.22 7th Place
Rod Mahoney 400 Meters 49.64 2nd Place
Christian Santifer 400 Meters 49.92 3rd Place
Charles Terrazas 400 Meters 51.39 7th Place
Tommy Bui 400 Meters 51.50 8th Place
Alberto Serrano 800 Meters 1:59.62 Tied 5th Place
Alberto Serrano 1500 Meters 4:03.93 Tied 6th Place
Pablo Calderon 1500 Meters 4:10.29 8th Place
Adrian Casas 5000 Meters 17:09.59 15th Place
Patrick Perez 5000 Meters 18:01.18 20th Place
Daniel Ramos 5000 Meters 18:44.55 24th Place
Adrian Casas 10,000 Meters 35:08.50 5th Place
Patrick Perez 10,000 Meters 39:40.89 16th Place
Victor Williams 110-Meter HH 14.54 2nd Place
Eugene Leduc 400-Meter IH 56.87 6th Place
Jaime Quinones 3000-Meter SC 9:53.72 4th Place
Jamal Awad 3000-Meter SC 10:34.82 8th Place
Stokes, Reid, Jones, Turner 4x100-Meter Relay 40.89 1st Place
Mahoney, Stokes, Santifer, Jones 4x400-Meter Relay 3:17.59 1st Place
Destin Flucas High Jump 1.90 Meters 5th Place
Timothy Sloan High Jump 1.90 Meters 6th Place
Eugene Leduc High Jump No Height  
Brian Lanton Pole Vault 4.30 Meters 3rd Place
Brian Castillo Pole Vault 4.00 Meters 3-Way Tie 8th Place
Michael Gonzalez Pole Vault 3.85 Meters Tied 12th Place
Eugene Leduc Pole Vault No Height  
Titus Houston Long Jump 7.00 Meters 3rd Place
Timothy Sloan Long Jump 6.54 Meters 4th Place
Destin Flucas Long Jump 6.05 Meters Tied 13th Place
Titus Houston Triple Jump 14.25 Meters 1st Place
Venture O'Neal Triple Jump 11.20 Meters 14th Place
Jorge Gonzalez Shot Put 15.60 Meters 1st Place
Austin Freeman Shot Put 12.63 Meters 3rd Place
Jonathan Vaoifi Shot Put 12.30 Meters 5th Place
Venture O'Neal Shot Put 11.84 Meters 9th Place
Emmanuel Hernandez Shot Put 11.00 Meters 12th Place
Timothy Sloan Shot Put 10.69 Meters 13th Place
Eugene Leduc Shot Put 6.98 Meters 21st Place
Jorge Gonzalez Discus 45.21 Meters 1st Place
Jonathan Vaoifi Discus 34.90 Meters 5th Place
Austin Freeman Discus 34.23 Meters 6th Place
Emmanuel Hernandez Discus 29.34 Meters 10th Place
Venture O'Neal Discus 29.23 Meters 11th Place
Jonathan Vaoifi Hammer 38.43 Meters 2nd Place
Jorge Gonzalez Hammer 36.32 Meters 4th Place
Austin Freeman Hammer 31.24 Meters 5th Place
Emmanuel Hernandez Hammer 29.17 Meters 6th Place
Jorge Gonzalez Javelin 47.90 Meters 2nd Place
Eugene Leduc Javelin 44.15 Meters 3rd Place
Venture O'Neal Javelin 40.58 Meters 5th Place
Timothy Sloan Javelin 40.15 Meters 6th Place
Jonathan Vaoifi Javelin 35.22 Meters 9th Place
Eugene Leduc Decathlon 5228 Points 3rd Place
Timothy Sloan Decathlon 5027 Points 4th Place
Venture O'Neal Decathlon 4699 Points 5th Place