Wrestling: Team competed at Menlo College Open

The Falcons competed at the Menlo Open
The Falcons competed at the Menlo Open


On Sunday, the Cerritos College wrestling team competed in the Menlo College Open. The Falcons had entries in all 10 weight classes and saw one of their wrestlers finish in the top four. This Wednesday, the team will host Palomar College at 7:00 p.m. in a Southwest Conference match.

The tournament also had a trio of former Falcon wrestlers. At 133 pounds, Anthony Vargas, reached the state championship match at 133 pounds as a freshman in 2015 for Cerritos, came in fourth place for Life Pacific College at the tournament. Last year's state champion at 141 pounds, Josh Brown, won the tournament title at 149 pounds and is now a red-shirt at Cal State Bakersfield. As for Nick Camacho, a state qualifier in 2018 for Cerritos, he went 3-2 at 141 pounds as an unattached wrestler. He he red-shirting at Menlo College.

125 Pounds - 
Jonathan Prata (Cerritos) def. Cody Cabanban (Menclo College), 9-6
Jonathan Prata (Cerritos) injury default next two matches

133 Pounds -
Andres Gonzales (Cerritos) bye
Andres Gonzales (Cerritos) technical fall over Noah Castro (Life Pacific College), 18-3
Andres Gonzales (Cerritos) major decision over Trevor Mattox (Sacramento City), 10-2
Andres Gonzales (Cerritos) lost to Ryan Elgarico (Menlo College), 11-6 (quarterfinals)
Andres Gonzales (Cerritos) lost by major decision to Anthony Vargas (Life Pacific College), 13-4

Micah Levine (Cerritos) bye
Micah Levine (Cerritos) pinned by Anthony Vargas (Life Pacific College), 3:34
Micah Levine (Cerritos) pinned Aman Rana (Sacramento City), 1:30
Micah Levine (Cerritos) win by injury default over Trevor Mattox (Sacramento City)
Micah Levine (Cerritos) lost by major decision to Isaac Kephart (Life Pacific College), 12-4

Jose Lozano (Cerritos) bye
Jose Lozano (Cerritos) lost by technical fall to Cole Acosta (Life Pacific College), 16-0
Jose Lozano (Cerritos) def. Dylan Duncan (Sacramento City), 5-1
Jose Lozano (Cerritos) lost by technical fall to Sunny Luna (Vanguard University), 16-0

Moises Hernandez (Cerritos) bye
Moises Hernandez (Cerritos) lost by technical fall to Sunny Luna (Vanguard University), 17-0
Moises Hernandez (Cerritos) lost to Cole Acosta (Life Pacific College)

141 Pounds -
Josh Sparks (Cerritos) bye
Josh Sparks (Cerritos) pinned by Gabriel Cortez (Vanguard University), 1:53
Josh Sparks (Cerritos) pinned by Nick Camacho (Unattached), 3:16

Marcus Nottingham (Cerritos) pinned by Michael Pajaro (Life Pacific College), 4:09
Marcus Nottingham (Cerritos) lost by technical fall to Nick Camacho (Unattached), 17-0

Stefano McKinney (Cerritos) pinned Marco Suffinelli (San Francisco State), 3:54
Stefano McKinney (Cerritos) lost by major decision to Noah Blakely-Beanes (Unattached), 17-8
Stefano McKinney (Cerritos) lost by major decision to Ricky Torres (Unattached), 10-2

Wyland Nicholson (Cerritos) pinned by Carlos Herrera (Unattached), 1:38
Wyland Nicholson (Cerritos) pinned by Ricky Torres (Unattached), 2:07

149 Pounds - 
Isaiah Mora (Cerritos) pinned Grant Anderson (Sierra), 1:29
Isaiah Mora (Cerritos) pinned Anthony Loera (Life Pacific College), 5:49
Isaiah Mora (Cerritos) def. Miguel Lopez (Sacramento City), 11-4
Isaiah Mora (Cerritos) pinned by Josh Brown (Unattached), 2:23 (Semifinals)
Isaiah Mora (Cerritos) lost to Anthony Loera (Life Pacific College), 8-6

V'ante Moore (Cerritos) bye
V'Ante Moore (Cerritos) pinned Nico Cappalablanca (Skyline), 3:33
V'ante Moore (Cerritos) lost to Jeremy Huang (San Francisco State), 5-4
V'ante Moore (Cerritos) lost to Anthony Loera (Life Pacific College), 10-8

Richard Gurule (Cerritos) lost to Jacob Peralta (Unattached), 7-5
Richard Gurule (Cerritos) lost to Anthony Loera (Life Pacific College), 13-8

157 Pounds -
Larry Rodriguez (Cerritos) bye
Larry Rodriguez (Cerritos) lost to Kalani Tonge (Unattached), 6-2
Larry Rodriguez (Cerritos) pinned Josh Arrieta (Menlo College), 4:39
Larry Rodriguez (Cerritos) lost to Devin Everk (Menlo College), 6-3

165 Pounds - 
Drake De La Cruz (Cerritos) lost by technical fall to Antonio Viorato-Castillo (Simpson College)
Drake De La Cruz (Cerritos) pinned Rigo Yepez (San Francisco State), 4:37
Drake De La Cruz (Cerritos) pinned Walter Kowalewski (Cerritos), 6:04
Drake De La Cruz (Cerritos) lost to Joseph Valdez (Sierra), 14-7

Walter Kowalewski (Cerritos) def. Richard Mello (Sacramento City), 6-5
Walter Kowalewski (Cerritos) pinned by Humphrie Quirie (Unattached)
Walter Kowalewski (Cerritos) pinned by Drake De La Cruz (Cerritos), 6:04

174 Pounds - 
Bryan Samayoa (Cerritos) win by major decision over Nick Banas (Unattached)
Bryan Samayoa (Cerritos) lost to Apollo Santos (Unattached), 10-8
Bryan Samayoa (Cerritos) pinned Sam Justo (Sacramento City), 6:34
Bryan Samayoa (Cerritos) lost to Maleselino Salt (San Francisco State), 9-6

Cobe Hatcher (Cerritos) bye
Cobe Hatcher (Cerritos) pinned by Albert Urias (Unattached), 7:03
Cobe Hatcher (Cerritos) lost to Elias Rosales (San Francisco State), 10-4

184 Pounds - 
Jarrod Nunez (Cerritos) bye
Jarrod Nunez (Cerritos) pinned by Keny Beecham (Unattached), 2:54
Jarrod Nunez (Cerritos) pinned by Jordan Bernal (Menlo College), 4:42

197 Pounds - 
Hamzah Al-Saudi (Cerritos) bye
Hamzah Al-Saudi (Cerritos) def. Hunter Gonzalez (Sierra), 11-9 (ot)
Hamzah Al-Saudi (Cerritos) lost to Jacob Gonzales (Simpson College), 7-2 (semifinals)
Hamzah Al-Saudi (Cerritos) win by major decision over Denzel Mabry (San Francisco State), 12-3
Hamzah Al-Saudi (Cerritos) pinned by Hunter Gonzalez (Sierra), :11 (third place match)

Robert Ceregatti (Cerritos) bye
Robert Ceregatti (Cerritos) pinned William Johnson (Sierra), :36
Robert Ceregatti (Cerritos) lost by major decision to Afton Silvas (Menlo College), 13-3 (semifinals)
Robert Ceregatti (Cerritos) pinned by Hunter Gonzalez (Sierra), 1:50

285 Pounds - 
David Aragon (Cerritos) pinned Ryan Enciso (Unattached), 4:38
David Aragon (Cerritos) pinned by Dominic Balmer (Unattached), 1:44
David Aragon (Cerritos) pinned by Antonio Guzman (San Francisco State), 1:17

Photos courtesy of John Sachs