Track & Field: Falcons compete against four-year competition

Men's Tennis suffers rare loss
Men's Tennis suffers rare loss

Competing in the Hornet Invitational at Sacramento State University, the Cerritos College men's and women's track and field teams sent a small contingent of athletes. The Falcons will continue their season against more university-level competition when they travel to San Diego State University for the Aztec Invitational next weekend.

Below are the athletes that competed at the Hornet Invitational


Jacob Garrett 100 Meters 11.49 45th Place
Christian Santifer 200 Meters 23.32 44th Place
Terrance Williams 200 Meters 23.59 55th Place
Clay Green 400 Meters 51.27 30th Place
Christian Santifer 400 Meters 51.98 47th Place
Angel Chavarria 800 Meters 1:56.55 25th Place
Cristhian Macias 800 Meters 1:57.59 34th Place
Abraxaz Sanchez 1500 Meters 4:05.86 49th Place
Eugene Leduc 400-Meter IH 58.00 21st Place
Andrew Fowler High Jump NH  
Armando Tabales High Jump NH  
Andrew Fowler Long Jump 6.05 Meters 35th Place
Jorge Bergara Shot Put 13.10 Meters 18th Place
Endrix Arias Shot Put 9.02 Meters 43rd Place
Jorge Bergara Discus 39.31 Meters 25th Place
Kevin Puertas Discus 29.15 Meters 43rd Place
Endrix Arias Discus Foul  
Jorge Bergara Hammer 46.04 Meters 16th Place
Kevin Puertas Hammer 35.63 Meters 26th Place
Endrix Arias Hammer 32.48 Meters 30th Place


Keirra King 100 Meters 11.97 3rd Place
Sicily Moore 100 Meters 13.04 43rd Place
Keirra King 200 Meters 25.17 10th Place
Kymberlynn Jackson 200 Meters 26.13 33rd Place
Amani Briggs 200 Meters 26.68 47th Place
Tyler Simpson 800 Meters 2:18.04 18th Place
Lauryn Jones 800 Meters 2:24.75 42nd Place
Michaela Banyi 100-Meter HH 15.10 20th Place
Davina Pham 100-Meter HH 15.97 31st Place
Amani Briggs 100-Meter HH 16.42 36th Place
Darlena Robinson 100-Meter HH 19.35 44th Place
Stephanie Anguiano 400-Meter IH 1:11.12 25th Place
Jelani Minix High Jump 1.55 Meters 23rd Place
Davina Pham High Jump 1.55 Meters 25th Place
Michaela Banyi High Jump 1.45 Meters 36th Place
Amani Briggs High Jump NH  
Keirra King Long Jump 5.72 Meters 7th Place
Amani Briggs Long Jump 5.23 Meters 19th Place
Kymberlynn Jackson Long Jump 5.21 Meters 20th Place
Jelani Minix Triple Jump 10.99 Meters 10th Place
Nanati Alailefaleula Shot Put 11.08 Meters 26th Place
Mystasia Alexander Shot Put 11.07 Meters 27th Place
Amber Hart Shot Put Foul  
Tanya Reyes Shot Put Foul  
Mystasia Alexander Discus 39.92 Meters 16th Place
Isabella Kress Discus 33.37 Meters 35th Place
Tanya Reyes Discus 31.49 Meters 42nd Place
Nanati Alailefaleula Discus 31.28 Meters 43rd Place
Amber Hart Discus Foul  
Tanya Reyes Hammer 46.76 Meters 7th Place
Isabella Kress Hammer 35.92 Meters 34th Place
Nanati Alailefaleula Hammer 35.67 Meters 35th Place
Amber Hart Hammer Foul  
Mystasia Alexander Javelin 41.75 Meters 5th Place
Michaela Banyi Javelin 28.00 Meters 23rd Place
Amani Briggs Javelin 25.31 Meters 32nd Place
Darlena Robinson Javelin 24.87 Meters 33rd Place


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