M. Track & Field: College hosts Cerritos Invitational

Cerritos Invitational
Cerritos Invitational

With participants from more than 25 colleges, the Cerritos College men's track and field team hosted the Cerritos Invitational over the weekend. The team excelled in both of the relay races, as they finished in second place in both the 400-meter and 1600-meter relays. On the day, the Falcons posted 22 top 10 finishes. The team will now compete in the South Coast Conference Prelims on April 24 at El Camino College.

Below is a list of the athletes that competed in the Cerritos Invitational:

Saadiq Jennings 100 Meters 11.18 11th Place
Jacob Garrett 100 Meters 11.42  13th Place
Ezra Bray 200 Meters 22.64 11th Place
Jacob Garrett 200 Meters 22.92 16th Place
Christian Santifer 200 Meters 23.08 17th Place
Ezra Bray 400 Meters 50.01 5th Place
Terence Williams 400 Meters 54.91 17th Place
Cristhian Macias 800 Meters 1:57.97 Tied 4th Place
Clay Green 800 Meters 1:59.22 7th Place
Angel Chavarria 800 Meters 1:59.59 8th Place
Josiah Jackson 800 Meters 2:01.45 13th Place
Darion Blanding 800 Meters 2:01.94 14th Place
Julian Thomas 800 Meters 2:02.02 15th Place
Kenneth Jones 800 Meters 2:09.80 32nd Place
Walter Ramirez 800 Meters 2:10.55 33rd Place
Abraxaz Sanchez 800 Meters 2:19.23 39th Place
Eugene Leduc 400-Meter IH 58.51 6th Place
Jamal Awad 3000 Meter SC 10:34.09 4th Place
Jennings, Wright, Garrett, Bray 400-Meter Relay 42.26 2nd Place
Taylor, Santifer, Williams, Elliott 400-Meter Relay 44.86 4th Place
Santifer, Thomas, Green, Bray 1600-Meter Relay 3:25.60 2nd Place
Wright, Macias, Blanding, Elliott 1600-Meter Relay 3:29.08 3rd Place
Armando Tabales High Jump 1.85 Meters 3rd Place
Ike Agubata High Jump 1.75 Meters Tied 4th Place
Andrew Fowler Pole Vault 4.35 Meters 3rd Place
Brian Castillo Pole Vault 3.75 Meters 8th Place
Ike Agubata Long Jump 6.01 Meters 7th Place
Raymond Bagley Shot Put 9.82 Meters 17th Place
Jakobe Brown Shot Put 9.48 Meters 18th Place
Chris Oviedo Shot Put 8.91 Meters 23rd Place
Endrix Arias Shot Put 8.87 Meters 24th Place
Jorge Bergara Discus 41.07 Meters 4th Place
Endrix Arias Discus 35.42 Meters 7th Place
Raymond Bagley Discus 33.39 Meters 9th Place
Kevin Puertas Discus 31.05 Meters 10th Place
Jakobe Brown Discus 26.70 Meters 13th Place
Chris Oviedo Discus 20.18 Meters 19th Place
Jorge Bergara Hammer 40.18 Meters 5th Place
Kevin Puertas Hammer 36.93 Meters 7th Place
Endrix Arias Hammer 35.75 Meters 8th Place
Jakobe Brown Hammer 30.91 Meters 11th Place
Raymond Bagley Hammer 19.27 Meters 15th Place