W. Track & Field: Cerritos advances 38 to SoCal Finals

File Photo: Crystal Rodriguez placed second in the hammer at the SoCal Prelims
File Photo: Crystal Rodriguez placed second in the hammer at the SoCal Prelims

Complete Results

With two events complete, the Cerritos College women's track and field team lead the way in their quest to defend their two straight Southern California Championship titles. The Falcons, who are also the two-time defending CCCAA State Champions, have collected all 23 of their team points from the heptathlon, which was held back on April 4-5. But at the Southern California Prelims, hosted by the Falcons on Saturday, the team has advanced 38 entries to the Southern California Championships next Saturday. Other members of the team have already advanced to the SoCal Finals based on marks turned in earlier in the season.

Here is a complete list of Cerritos athletes that competed at the SoCal Prelims:

Meka Story 100 Meters 11.96 2nd Place
Lilian Ebanks 100 Meters 12.41 10th Place
Symone Addo 100 Meters 13.06 21st Place
Meka Story 200 Meters 25.08 6th Place
Kymberlynn Jackson 200 Meters 25.51 8th Place
Juanita Webster 200 Meters 25.78 12th Place
Breanna Curry 400 Meters 56.69 2nd Place
Kymberlynn Jackson 400 Meters 58.18 6th Place
Amanda Salgado 400 Meters 1:02.15 14th Place
Bri'ale Banks 400 Meters 1:08.70 24th Place
Rebecca Harris 800 Meters 2:28.12 18th Place
Bailee Wilkerson 800 Meters 2:33.70 21st Place
Rebecca Harris 1500 Meters 4:45.58 10th Place
Adriana Velasco 1500 Meters 5:15.75 17th Place
Katherine Batres 10,000 Meters 43:03.72 19th Place
Juanita Webster 110-Meter HH 13.99 1st Place
Skylin Harbin 110-Meter HH 14.48 3rd Place
Brandy Navarro 110-Meter HH 14.51 4th Place
Michaela Banyi 100-Meter HH 15.25 10th Place
Lilian Ebanks 110-Meter HH 15.31 11th Place
Amani Briggs 110-Meter HH 15.57 13th Place
Suyan Carcedo 110-Meter HH 16.37 19th Place
Davina Pham 110-Meter HH 16.66 22nd Place
Skylin Harbin 400-Meter IH 1:03.43 1st Place
Giselle Burgos 400-Meter IH 1:07.60 12th Place
Kassandra Herrera 400-Meter IH 1:08.64 14th Place
Stephanie Anguiano 400-Meter IH 1:10.98 20th Place
Gabrielle Mendoza 3000-Meter SC 13:06.69 20th Place
  400-Meter Relay 47.34 1st Place
  1600-Meter Relay 3:53.35 1st Place
Juanita Webster High Jump 1.60 Meters Tied 1st Place
Breanna Curry High Jump 1.60 Meters Tied 1st Place
Jelani Minix High Jump 1.55 Meters Tied 9th Place
Brandy Navarro High Jump 1.55 Meters Tied 9th Place
Michaela Banyi High Jump 1.45 Meters 18th Place
Suyan Carcedo High Jump 1.45 Meters 19th Place
Amani Briggs High Jump 1.40 Meters Tied 21st Place
Davina Pham High Jump 1.40 Meters 25th Place
Michelle Eschenbacher Pole Vault 2.65 Meters Tied 10th Place
Amanda Salgado Pole Vault 2.65 Meters 13th Place
Adrianna Martinez Pole Vault 2.20 Meters Tied 20th Place
Lilian Ebanks Long Jump 5.34 Meters 3rd Place
Juanita Webster Long Jump 5.13 Meters 8th Place
Breanna Curry Long Jump 5.12 Meters 9th Place
Michaela Banyi Long Jump 5.04 Meters 12th Place
Amani Briggs Long Jump 5.02 Meters 14th Place
Brandy Navarro Long Jump 5.01 Meters 15th Place
Juanita Webster Triple Jump 12.00 Meters 2nd Place
Lilian Ebanks Triple Jump 10.76 Meters 7th Place
Jelani Minix Triple Jump 10.62 Meters 9th Place
Davina Pham Triple Jump 9.85 Meters 18th Place
Crystal Rodriguez Shot Put 11.85 Meters 1st Place
Ailinisilose Williams Shot Put 11.67 Meters 2nd Place
Michaela Banyi Shot Put 11.09 Meters 11th Place
Mystasia Alexander Shot Put 10.69 Meters 14th Place
Amber Hart Shot Put 10.52 Meters 15th Place
Alejandra Guzman Shot Put 10.48 Meters 16th Place
Juanita Webster Shot Put 9.88 Meters 23rd Place
Amber Hart Discus 43.55 Meters 1st Place
Crystal Rodriguez Discus 42.26 Meters 2nd Place
Ailinisilose Williams Discus 40.41 Meters 5th Place
Mystasia Alexander Discus 38.82 Meters 6th Place
Sela Lotulelei Discus 36.17 Meters 14th Place
Alejandra Guzman Discus 31.15 Meters 23rd Place
Crystal Rodriguez Hammer 44.13 Meters 2nd Place
Amber Hart Hammer 44.08 Meters 3rd Place
Ailinisilose Williams Hammer 41.06 Meters 8th Place
Sela Lotulelei Hammer 40.23 Meters 11th Place
Mystasia Alexander Javelin 43.96 Meters 1st Place
Juanita Webster Javelin 38.83 Meters 3rd Place
Crystal Rodriguez Javelin 37.11 Meters 4th Place
Alejandra Guzman Javelin 32.47 Meters 13th Place
Amani Briggs Javelin 29.34 Meters 22nd Place