W. Track & Field: Team excels at Cerritos Invitational

Falcons excelled at the Cerritos Invitational
Falcons excelled at the Cerritos Invitational

Hosting the Cerritos Invitational over the weekend, the Falcon women's track and field team performed well against a large group of visiting schools, clubs and independent competitors. Next up for Cerritos is the South Coast Conference Prelims, which will take place at El Camino College on April 24.

Highlighting the day were the performances of freshman sprinter Keirra King (Long Beach Wilson HS) and freshman thrower Tanya Reyes (Warren HS). In the 100 meters, King turned in a third place time of 11.91, which also ties her for fifth on the school's top five list. She also ran the second leg of the 1600-meter relay team that came in first place, while her long jump of 5.31 meters earned her a second place. As for Reyes, she recorded a personal best distance of 47.83 to win the hammer, which improved her mark on the college's all-time top five marks. Reyes also finished third in the discus at 36.63 meters.

On the day, the Falcons won five events, with sophomore Jelani Minix (Carson HS) a two-time winner in the high jump (1.65 meters) and triple jump (11.59 meters). Below is a list of all the Cerritos entries in the invitational.

Keirra King 100 Meters 11.91 3rd Place
Sicily Moore 100 Meters 12.75 6th Place
Tierra Frazier 100 Meters 13.17 13th Place
Maliajah Davis 100 Meters 13.46 19th Place
Latheria Woods 100 Meters 13.95 29th Place
Kymberlynn Jackson 200 Meters 25.59 2nd Place
Sicily Moore 200 Meters 26.05 6th Place
Glenn Nance 200 Meters 26.30 10th Place
Maliajah Davis 200 Meters 27.68 23rd Place
Tierra Frazier 200 Meters 27.69 24th Place
Latheria Woods 200 Meters 29.30 30th Place
Adrianna Martinez 200 Meters 30.24 33rd Place
Tyler Simpson 400 Meters 57.23 2nd Place
Kenya Owens 400 Meters 1:05.25 8th Place
Rebecca Harris 800 Meters 2:29.46 6th Place
Debora Lopez-Guzman 800 Meters 2:57.26 20th Place
Lauren Jones 1500 Meters 5:24.15 7th Place
Debora Lopez-Guzman 1500 Meters 5:47.35 14th Place
Amani Briggs 100-Meter HH 15.00 3rd Place
Jelani Minix 100-Meter HH 15.35 4th Place
Davina Pham 400-Meter IH 1:08.16 2nd Place
Michaela Banyi 400-Meter IH 1:08.27 3rd Place
Stephanie Anguiano 400-Meter IH 1:09.84 7th Place
Monica Bautista 400-Meter IH 1:11.16 8th Place
Darlena Robinson 400-Meter IH 1:16.09 10th Place
Gabrielle Mendoza 3000-Meter SC 13:00.65 3rd Place
Nance, King, Jackson, Simpson 1600-Meter Relay 3:55.54 1st Place
Moore, Jones, Harris, Anguiano 1600-Meter Relay 4:10.33 3rd Place
Jelani Minix High Jump 1.65 Meters Tied 1st Place
Clarissa Orna Pole Vault 2.51 Meters Tied 12th Place
Adrianna Martinez Pole Vault 2.51 Meters Tied 12th Place
Keirra King Long Jump 5.31 Meters 2nd Place
Davina Pham Long Jump 4.86 Meters 6th Place
Kymberlynn Jackson Long Jump 4.81 Meters 8th Place
Jelani Minix Long Jump 4.62 Meters 11th Place
Maliajah Davis Long Jump 3.81 Meters 24th Place
Jelani Minix Triple Jump 11.59 Meters 1st Place
Imani Jones Triple Jump 11.24 Meters 3rd Place
Amani Briggs Triple Jump 10.42 Meters 6th Place
Amber Hart Shot Put 11.80 Meters 3rd Place
Nanati Alailefaleula Shot Put 11.58 Meters 4th Place
Michaela Banyi Shot Put 10.61 Meters 10th Place
Isabella Kress Shot Put 9.70 Meters 11th Place
Emily Gamboa Shot Put 8.84 Meters 15th Place
Tanya Reyes Discus 36.63 Meters 3rd Place
Isabella Kress Discus 34.12 Meters 6th Place
Mystasia Alexander Discus 30.92 Meters 8th Place
Nanati Alailefaleula Discus 29.81 Meters 10th Place
Emily Gamboa Discus 23.66 Meters 15th Place
Mikaiella Vargas Discus 22.54 Meters 16th Place
Tanya Reyes Hammer 48.73 Meters 1st Place
Amber Hart Hammer 47.16 Meters 2nd Place
Isabella Kress Hammer 40.61 Meters 7th Place
Nanati Alailefaleula Hammer 34.85 Meters 9th Place
Emily Gamboa Hammer 28.74 Meters 16th Place
Stacy Tope Hammer 27.62 Meters 18th Place
Mikaiella Vargas Hammer 26.42 Meters 19th Place
Mystasia Alexander Javelin 44.49 Meters 1st Place
Kymberlynn Jackson Javelin 24.86 Meters 7th Place